Twirling Iso curves


I recently made a quick script commonly used in 3D printed jewerly design for fun.

The function below will take a surface and parameters to get iso curves out of it.

To get the result you want, the input surface will have to be carefully modeled with consideration of direction of U and V on the surface.

As you can see in the script below, output curves will not exactly follow input surfaces as those are only approximated by creating curves from points on the surface.



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Interference of sine waves on a plane


This mesh model can be easily modeled with 3DS wave modifier.
Here’s a sample code to achieve the same result with Rhino SDK.
The sample is taking three points of origin of sine waves.

    Dim shit As New Mesh
    Dim gridptsflat As New list (Of point3d)
    Dim gridpts2D As New list (Of list (Of point3d))

    Dim intervalx As Double = x / numx
    Dim intervaly As Double = y / numy


    For i As Integer = 0 To numx[......]

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A4 Chair

A4 Front

In the age of digital design, designers are destined to face the process of rationalizing the form after a lengthy foreplay of form making in order to fabricate it into an actual product. Ironically, some designers/architects these days fully exploit the capability of freeform design to irrational extreme and put another effort and cost in rationalizing the form therewith. Many of these rationalization processes deal with panelizing the freeform surface such as approximating designed surfa[……]

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The Hive WIP #2

The Hive WIP #2


The Hive WIP #2

All the stiffness of modeling environment and constraints in BIM modeling process sometimes give you frustration and less freedom in modeling but in the end it actually results more accurate, parametric (and therefore flexible) model. So the issue should be when to implement BIM after concept design stage.



Rhinoscript Etude

I made this little script a few years ago.

It tessellates a nurbs surface in several layers, and extrudes one of the layer with another parameter.

It can be applied to generate a parametric building facade for specific site condition.

Printed out with resin 3d printer.

Below is the complete script.

Option Explicit

' 20080507 Chris Kim

Call Panel1()

Sub Panel1()

	Dim idSurface : idSurface = Rhino.GetObject("Surface to frame", 8, True, True)
	If IsNull(idSurface)[......]

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