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A4 Chair

A4 Front

In the age of digital design, designers are destined to face the process of rationalizing the form after a lengthy foreplay of form making in or[……]

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Rhinoscript Etude

I made this little script a few years ago.

It tessellates a nurbs surface in several layers, and extrudes one of the layer with another param[……]

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Voxelizer Rhinoscript

Voxel Chair black

Voxel Chair white


I made a voxelizer rhinoscript for a project I have in my mind. took me few days to find the

fastest algorithm but I think I ende[……]

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Vuzzle Chair

Vuzzle Chair

Vuzzle Chair, 2010

1000mm x 1000mm x 800mm, 59 cells. (46 cells for seating)

Vuzzle Chair consists of 59 cushions dividing the complete cube[……]

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