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Rhinoscript test render

Random Voronoi Script Test 1

Random voronoi script test 02


This is one of the first few things you might want to try with rhinoscript

and it is being used everywhere now.

The redrawing of each cutting line takes time. When in actual application,

It can be turned off by adding ‘Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)‘ in the code and It will be

hundreds of times faster.

Download script : Voronoi cell generation Rhinoscript

And of course, if you don’t need control over string IDs of polylines or point coordinates and

generate simply just the cells and for a lot of points, It’s always better to use David Rutten’s plugin.

Above images are just a quick application of the script.

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One Comment

  1. Chris Daniel says:

    I noticed some people are still looking at this old post and requesting the script. I just fixed the broken link to Rhinoscript.
    Please note it is much quicker and easy to control results with grasshopper3D.

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