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Twirling ISO curves


I recently made a quick script commonly used in 3D printed jewerly design for fun.

The function below will take a surface and parameters to get iso curves out of it.

To get the result you want, the input surface will have to be carefully modeled with consideration of direction of U and V on the surface.

As you can see in the script below, output curves will not exactly follow input surfaces as those are only approximated by creating curves from points on the surface.


Function getTwirlCrvs(isrf As surface, no_u As Integer, no_v As Integer, offset As Double)

    Dim returnpls As New list (Of polyline)
    Dim returncrvs As New list (Of curve)
    Dim ubtm As Double = isrf.Domain(0).Min
    Dim ulimit As Double = isrf.Domain(0).max
    Dim vbtm As Double = isrf.domain(1).min
    Dim vlimit As Double = isrf.domain(1).max

    For i As Integer = 0 To no_u

      Print("curve #" & i)
      Dim temppts As New list (Of point3d)
      For j As Integer = 0 To no_v

        Dim tempu As Double = i + (ulimit * offset * j)
        Dim tempv As Double = j

        Dim currentv As Double = vbtm + ((vlimit - vbtm) / no_v * tempv)
        Dim currentu As Double = ubtm + ((ulimit - ubtm)) / no_u * tempu
        currentu = doublediv(currentu, ulimit)

        If currentu < 0 Then
          currentu = ulimit + currentu
        End If

        Dim pt As point3d
        pt = isrf.PointAt(currentu, currentv)


      Dim temppl As New polyline(temppts)
      Dim tempcrv As curve

      tempcrv = curve.CreateControlPointCurve(temppts, 3)


    Return returncrvs

  End Function

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