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Rhinoscript Bug (SR6) – LineLineIntersection

Dim arrLineA, arrLineB, arrPoint

arrLineA = Array(Array(0,0,0), Array(3,0,0))

arrLineB = Array(Array(0,1,0), Array(3,0.99,0))

arrPoint = Rhino.LineLineIntersection(arrLineA, arrLineB)

If IsArray(arrPoint) Then

  Rhino.AddPoint arrPoint

  Rhino.Print "no intersection"
End If

‘this should add point at (300,0,0), but arrPoint is NULL (no intersection)

sometimes my script doesn’t work with certain input, then I try to debug my script

looking for anything I missed..

it takes longer too, as the script gets longer.

This time, it turned out ‘LineLineIntersection’ method was not working properly.

Categorised as: Generative design

One Comment

  1. Chris Daniel says:

    still the same behavior found in SR7 too. This will be fixed in next service release/WIP. (they said..)

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